India Leadership Conclave presents you top six visionary leaders who are leading the country’s top public sector undertakings. Here are the nominees
India’s Most Promising Leadership in Public Administration 2017
1. Dr. PV Ramesh, CMD, REC Limited.(43)
2. Mr. Dinesh K Sarraf,CMD, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd (ONGC).(44)
3. Mr.Gurudeep Singh, CMD,NTPC.(45)
4. Mr.Sutirtha Bhattacharya,CMD,Coal India Limited.(46)
5. Mr. Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL.(47)
6. Dr. M Ravi Kanth, CMD, Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd.(48)

The Overview

India’s public sector undertakings have been described as crown jewels of our socialist legacy. Post Independence, India was grappling with grave socio-economic problems, such as inequalities in income and low levels of employment, regional imbalances in economic development and lack of trained manpower, weak industrial base, inadequate investments and infrastructure facilities, etc. Hence, the roadmap for Public Sector was developed as an instrument for self-reliant economic growth. The country adopted the planned economic development polices, which envisaged the development of PSUs.Initially, the public sector was confined to core and strategic industries. The second phase witnessed nationalization of industries, takeover of sick units from the private sector, and entry of the public sector into new fields like manufacturing consumer goods, consultancy, contracting and transportation etc. The Industrial Policy Resolution 1948 outlined the importance of the economy and its continuous growth in production and equitable distribution. In this process, the policy envisaged active engagement of the State in development of industries. In India, PSUs have played an integral role in economic development and industrialization. Post-Independence, PSUs were set up with the objective to build a base for solid infrastructure and bring about a planned development of the entire country. In many ways, PSUs were the extended arms of the government for development.
Today, PSUs have expanded their horizon to several sectors such as steel, engineering, heavy machinery, petro-chemicals, textiles, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. There are more than 250 Central PSUs, and the financial investment stood at `9,92,971 crore as on March 31, 2014. The gross turnover of Central PSUs is around 25 per cent of the India’s GDP. These units employ nearly 1.5 million people and contribute in generating around five per cent of the total employment in the organised sector. But the expansion also brought along several challenges. After the economic reforms and liberalization in 1991, the government opened sectors exclusively reserved for PSUs to the private sector leading to increased competition from both domestic private companies and large MNCs.

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