India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards organized by Network7 Media Group’s Indian Affairs is Asia’s most eagerly awaited leadership event where the platform has established a credible platform of serious discussion where Brand India’s most illustrious Leaders & icons assemble to discuss the roadmap for India’s growth trajectory. The last seven Annual Affairs at the India Leadership Conclave Platform, we have witnessed some of the biggest think-tanks of the contemporary leaders in society from social to political & from business to cultural has addressed, deliberated & opened up the new mantras of developments. While more than 300 Leaders of Indian mainstream polity have spoken, the platform has recognized & honoured more than top 500 Leaders & Enterprises over the last four annual editions. Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2017 are set of prestigious awards developed by the eminent Juries & bestowed to the deserving Leaders & Enterprises after a through screening of their landmark achievements for their significant accomplishments in their own fields who have performed under tough conditions imbibing innovation in their business approach.

India Leadership Conclave Power Brand Award Categories 2017

  1. Transformational Leader of the Decade
  2. Business Leader of the Year 2017
  3. Business Woman of the Year 2017
  4. Transformational Woman Business Leader 2017
  5. Gen – Next Business Woman of the Year 2017
  6. Transformational Chief Minister of the Year 2017
  7. India’s Best Performing Minister in a State in India
  8. India’s Most Promising Leadership in Public Administration 2017
  9. India’s Most Promising Leader in Indian Insurance Industry 2017
  10. India’s Most Trusted & Valuable Insurance Company 2017
  11. Indian Affairs India’s Most Trusted & Valuable TPA Company 2017
  12. India’s Most  Valuable Luxury Cosmetics Beauty Brand 2017
  13. India’s  Most Innovative Skincare Leader 2017
  14. India’s Most Promising Digital streaming service Provider 2017
  15. India’s Most Inspiring & Model Woman CEO 2017
  16. India’ Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Company of the Year 2017
  17. India’ Most Luxurious & Innovative Hand Bag Company 2017
    Social Reformer of the year 2017
  18. Indian Affairs First Generation innovative Entrepreneur 2017
  19. Indian Affairs Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2017
  20. Indian Affairs Healthcare Administrator of the year 2017
  21. Indian of the Year – Healthcare
  22. India’s Most Valuable Travel Destination Company
  23. India’s Most Valuable & Promising DTH Service Company 2017
  24. India’s Most Promising Fashion Designer 2017
  25. Indian Affairs Fashion Designer of the Year 2017
  26. India’s Most Valuable Jewelry Designer of the year 2017
  27. India’s Transformational Leader in Indian start-up ecosystem & Online Market Place
  28. Innovative Women Entrepreneur in Gem & Jewellery
  29. India’s Most Trusted & Transformational Real Estate Entrepreneur
  30. India’s Most Promising Innovative Woman Entrepreneur in Real Estate
  31. Indian Affairs Innovative Woman leader in Natural Beauty Products
  32. India’s Most Innovative & Trendsetting Interior Designer 2017