It isn’t easy being a member of Generation X .India Leadership Conclave believes that the competitive edge for any organization in the information age is neither technology nor information, but the unparalleled power of an aligned team. The Next-Gen Business Leader creates teams empowered to act decisively in any environment because they embody both the content and the context of a leader’s vision. India Leadership Conclave is passionate about knowing business leaders how to be seen, be heard and be understood, especially when the next generation begins to lead the previous generation. Family businesses can be challenging because there are many moving parts.
India Leadership Conclave’s selection criteria is time tested & transparent.Our robust voting mechanism are aimed at bringing a public consensus of the mood of the nation. The Jury & Organizing Committee have taken every possible steps to ensure fair selection. Each category has its own target audience & is backed by our rich research methodology where we invite/ask/appeal/ request ,the stakeholders to select their favorite companies or personalities. Many top leaders & celebrities are being selected through this process.
They’re broken all the rules and pioneered the game in the world.The final Six have been selected thanks to the way they’ve seriously shaken things up, now all you have to do is vote for your winner.

Gen – Next Business Woman of the Year 2017 Nominees
1. Ms.Lakshmi Venu, Jt MD, Sundaram Clayton. (25)
2. Ms.Tara Singh Vachani, MD and CEO , Antara Senior Living. (26)
3. Ms.Ananya Birla, Founder, Chairperson and Director,Svatantra Microfinance. (27)
4. Ms. Radhika Piramal, Managing Director, VIP Industries Ltd. (28)
5. Ms.Kanchan Agarwal,Director GPA Group, Founder CEO, (29)
6. Ms.Tanaaz M Bhatia, MD & Founder Bottomline Media. (30)

India Leadership Conclave is India’s the most definitive destination of leadership gatherings of the influential leaders of the country & abroad with a focus to continuously innovate & debate ideas that are complex & important. Over the last seven editions, India Leadership conclave has emerged not only as a leadership brand but also defied the age old practices of rules & traditions that are irrelevant, Indian Affairs, the flagship media brand of Network 7 Media Group is hosting the high profile 8th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards, also known as ILC Power Brand in Mumbai on Friday,4th august 2017 at Hotel Sahara Star Mumbai, India in partnership with top Govt agencies & apex trade bodies. More than 400 influential leaders of the country from politics to business, health to social & others have marked 4th august to attend. The conclave starts over a breakfast & is debating on a powerful theme “Transformation” to be addressed by the business tycoons, rebel leaders, authors, social & healthcare reformers in recent times. The day long conclave will culminate on the much awaited annual award ceremony in a glittering award night where who’s & who’s of india would be present.

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