India added 450 million people over the 25 years to 2016, a period during which the proportion of people living in poverty fell by half. This period of rising prosperity has been marked by a “dual-disease burden”, a continuing rise in communicable diseases and a spurt in non-communicable or “lifestyle” diseases, which accounted for half of all deaths in 2015, from 42% in 2001-03.The result of this disease burden on a growing and ageing population, economic development and increasing health awareness is a healthcare industry that has grown to $81.3 billion (Rs 54,086 lakh crore) in 2013 and is now projected to grow by 17% (compounded annual growth rate, or CAGR) by 2020, up from 11% in 1990.Due to the burden of new age diseases, illness and a growing and ageing population, India is witnessing a new wake of health awareness. This is also one of the reasons that the health insurance industry in India is gaining momentum, thereby driving insurance companies to design a variety of products to suit diverse customer needs. In the midst of an increasing medical inflation these innovative insurance products do come as a definite relief. However, today in spite of the customer being relatively aware and conscious of what he wants his health insurance cover to include, he is often wedged between what should be the right coverage that would meet his needs. It is therefore important to understand the various components of these tailor made products that companies offer, to best suit customer’s needs.

India Leadership Conclave 2017 nomination process journey began in the first quarter of the calendar year in 2017 from Jan-March to find out the best talents, innovators, reformers, social entrepreneurs, public administrators in the top categories through a very standard fair & independent way of bringing top six names to the final list of voting. The internal team of experts at Network 7 Media Group, the flagship media property of Indian Affairs looked at the all round progress of the individuals/companies & consultations were made with various associations of india & trade bodies. Final selections were made by public from the recommendations of the top industry associations & chamber of commerce. Upon much consideration, research & detailed analysis, nominees were found based on a robust process that involved considerable comprehensive mechanism that Network 7 Media Group do years after years.

“Very importantly, India Leadership Conclave’s mantra is very simple & clear. We dont follow a fixed set of rules of traditional theories of selecting a nominee in the final six list either based on seniority, age or celebrity status. We go by our research, expert’s advice & bring to light those talent & innovators who never got noticed in mainstream media or recognized. When they see their names in the big six final list, they feel proud, for us, that is the winning moments after relentlessly following & chasing for finding the credible name!”

India’s Most Trusted & Valuable Insurance Company 2017 Nominees

1. ICICI Lombard Health Insurance
2. Universal Sompo General & Health Insurance
3. SBI General Health Insurance
4. Royal Sundaram Health Insurance
5. Chola MS Health Insurance
6. Star Health Insurance

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