The gems and jewellery industry in India is launching various initiatives to ensure that it can further its share of the global trade in the sector. With a share of over 60 per cent, India is already a major player in the manufacturing of diamond across the world. The industry is no aiming to have the same influence in the trade of various gems, including precious and semi-precious stones, along with furthering its current impact on the world’s diamond trade.

The views also follow Prime minister Narendra Modi’s for the furtherment of the industry. The industry, which already employs 4,6 million people, has a huge potential of skilling labour and contributing to the decline in unemployment rates. Another key focus is the export potential the industry offers. Already, the exports of gems and jewellery grew 9.5 per cent to about USD 29 billion during April-January 2016-17. Growing presence of the organised retail players is going to boost the performance of the Industry.The Indian Gems & Jewellery Industry is the back bone of the economy by being one of the major contributors towards the export led growth of India. The industry has gained global popularity because of its talented craftsmen, its superior practices in cutting and polishing fine diamonds and precious stones and its cost-efficiencies.

he Gems and Jewellery (G&J) market essentially comprises of sourcing,processing, manufacturing and selling of precious metals and gemstones, such as, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire etc. The G&J market is a significant contributor to the Indian economy, based on the size of the domestic market and through its contribution to the country’s exports. India is the largest consumer of gold (around 20 percent of global consumption) and also the largest diamond processor (around 90 percent by pieces and 55 percent by value of the global market).

India Leadership Conclave 2017 bring to you top six finalists who are in public domain for voting.

India Leadership Conclave’s selection criteria is time tested & transparent.Our robust voting mechanism are aimed at bringing a public consensus of the mood of the nation. The Jury & Organizing Committee have taken every possible steps to ensure fair selection. Each category has its own target audience & is backed by our rich research methodology where we invite/ask/appeal/ request ,the stakeholders to select their favorite companies or personalities. Many top leaders & celebrities are being selected through this process.

Innovative Women Entrepreneur In Gem & Jewellery

1.Ms. Akanksha Arora, CEO, Amrapali Jewels. (169)
2.Ms.Komal Parwani,Entrepreneur, Founder, Vihaan Jewels. (170)
3.Ms.Puja Bansal,Founder, (171)
4.Ms.Bela Badhalia,Chairperson FLO,Jaipur Chapter 2013-14 & Director Director ‘n’ Consultant,Adbhut Interio Pvt. Ltd. Adbhut Jewels Pvt. Ltd. Silgo Retail Pvt. Ltd. (172)
5.Ms.Neetu Singh,Founder & Ceo, Sini Jewels. (173)
6.Ms.Neha Lulla, Founder, Neha Lulla Jewellery. (174)


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